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There’s an app for that, what does yours do?

Let’s face it…almost everyone has a smartphone these days. All of your friends like your Facebook posts, Twitter feeds and Instagram pictures. Heck, you even convinced your Mom to use Pinterest for her knitting ideas. Smartphones and mobile technology are strongly integrated into our daily lives. People use devices to stay in touch, rent that newly released movie for family night and the pizza to go with it (that tenth order just netted you a free pizza), even without a phone call! Mobile technology puts all of these wonderful things in the palm of our hands and at the touch of a finger. All of these apps are tools to get us through our daily lives. If other businesses can use these tools to provide value to their customers and create brand loyalty, why not use them to market your business as well?


Mobile App Marketing strengthens the relationship between a businesses and their customers, increasing repeat business.

Straight to the point, this is the primary reason that a business should consider a mobile app. So you have a website for your business, and you have direct mail flyers, but this is very different than the value that a website provides, and very different from any other marketing tactics a business might look to employ. A mobile app provides a direct line of communication between a business and their customers. You can use push notifications to directly and effectively communicate with your customers, informing them of specials, promotions, and other events relevant to your business. In-app loyalty programs keep customers coming back (I’ll take that free cup of coffee please). When customers know your business they will continue to come to your business because it is literally in their pocket. That’s when your business truly has the opportunity to build stronger relationships customers – and increase revenue from repeat business. But like all tools you have to use them for them to be effective. You have to be dedicated to using the mobile app as a marketing tool if you wish grow your business’ success.

Mobile accessibility allows businesses to be with customers every step of the way.

Mobile apps allow businesses to with their customers, and transact with their customers, wherever they are. People are busy and impulsive. Mobile apps allow businesses to profit on consumers buying intent at the momoent when that intent is strongest. It might be being able to pick up lunch on their way back from the gym without needing to use a laptop to place their order or walking and having to wait for them to make the order. For a spa, it might be allowing a customer to schedule their next massage as they realize they need a “me” day. We all get busy, we all get distracted – would that massage have scheduled if their customer hadn’t been able to make the reservation when they were wanting to make it? Or maybe you’re an Event Manager. What better way to increase your ticket & merchandise sales then sending your latest event information directly to your event goers’ phones, along with a shopping cart filled with tickets & merchandise to your next event?

Mobile is convenient, there is no denying it. As a business owner, your livelihood depends on developing deep, meaningful relationships with your customers to keep them coming back for more. A mobile app is not a website, it’s not direct mail campaign – it’s a tool that you should consider if you’re looking to better interact with our customers and grow your business.