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Why A Business Listings Service is a Crucial Part of Your Online Marketing Strategy

A business listings service is a necessary tool to use in order to improve their online presence, rank higher in search engines, clean up inaccurate information, manage reviews, and put their business on the map. 

All small business owners know the difficulties with search engines and SEO firsthand. Getting your business to rank high on Google, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, and all of the others can be a frustrating lengthy process with mixed results.You may even be savvy about it; constantly updating your Google search engine listings, online ads, website content and other SEO essentials. As much good as you think this is doing for your online presence, it is extremely time consuming and it is just the tip of the iceberg of online information about you that needs to be managed and corrected. Google is only responsible for around 60% of mobile and online search data. That leaves 40% of potential customers not seeing correct, updated, or even any, information about your business. Adding to that problem, Google ranks you partially based on the frequency and accuracy of your business listings across the web. This makes it virtually impossible for a business owner to be highly visible online themselves.

Managing Business information online across the many sites necessary to be listed and correct is a time consuming and impossible feat for a business owner to do successfully themselves.
Managing Business information online across the many sites necessary to be listed and correct is a time consuming and impossible feat for a business owner to do successfully themselves.

This is where listings services excel. They are a vital tool in making sure your online business presence is everything it should be. 

One of the most beneficial aspects of a listings engine is the efficiency and ease of use for the business owner. The service will sync complete listing information across the largest global ecosystem of maps, apps, GPS systems, search engines, and social networks.

• Quickly list or update your presence on all available search engines

• Helps identify outdated information & fix with 1 click of a button

• Track and review your reviews across the web including site that you may not know you were being reviewed on.

• Can save enormous amounts of time, by making mass updates at once

• Statistically-shown to help increase page rank and visibility

A listings engine will greatly improve your online presence and SEO, giving you a roadmap to getting more customers.

search-icon1. Claim your listing – Edit & update all search engine listings simultaneously

 By far the best advantage of using a listings engine, is the ability to effortlessly and rapidly edit all of your company’s active listings with just a few keystrokes. Add and update vital information such as address, phone number, website, hours, business category, services/products offered and more. Enhanced content lets you add logos, photos, special offers, holiday hours, and other details which will set you apart from the competition.

In addition, the partnership between the listings engine and the data sites allows information to update
almost immediately. If you went and manually updated your information, it could take weeks for customers to see the changes.



2. Get more customers – everywhere they   search, all the time.

Customers are searching for your business online. The listings engine gives you the tools and guidance you need to capture them. Give them enhanced content for a call to action during their decision making process. Now that you are synced and optimized, publish and manage your complete online presence. No more missed opportunities.


analytics-icon3. Manage your information and reputation using powerful built-in analytics.

The management tools included with the listings engine will help you stay ahead of the competition by showing you where your customers are coming from, what they are saying about you, and which of your special offers they responded to the most. This gives you the knowledge to adapt and modify your strategy to cater to the demand based on real data.


Your business depends on consumers finding their way to your front door with rich, accurate, and real-time information on every map, app, search engine, and device they use. A business listings service is an indispensable tool in helping your business easily update and manage this information, while having access to real time data and results. As a business owner trying to stand out in oversaturated online spaces, using a listings service should be the biggest focus of your online marketing and SEO strategy.  

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