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Making Your Facebook Ads Mobile Friendly

facebookads-guiaseMake Sure Your Facebook Business Advertisements Are Mobile Friendly

With a lot of social media users on the go it’s important to make sure your Facebook ad is effective on the computer, and also via cell phone and tablet. According to First Data, an online payment system provider, 81 percent of smartphone users checked social media to read reviews before getting involved with a certain business or product.


To give a little background of why making your facebook business page mobile friendly is so important take a look at this statistics:

  • 86% of consumers use mobile devices to plan their shopping trips (NinthDecimal)
  • 54% of financial services shoppers only use their mobile devices during research and purchase (xAd)
  • 4 out of 5 auto shoppers use their smartphones in the car purchase process (
  • 50% of insurance shoppers start on mobile devices (IIABA)

Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing platforms available. Not only do they have 1.09 billion users each day, they have 989 mobile users each day. Yearly, there are 1.51 billion active mobile Facebook users.


Video Marketingfacebook-video-ads As social media feeds become more powerful, they’ve changed the ways that consumers view and share media such as videos. Today, people can watch videos right in their Facebook feed and share it with everyone they know with the click of a button. Partially due to this social media growth, video traffic is estimated to account for almost 70% of all Internet traffic by the end of 2017.

Creating video ads yourself is a great way to reach this rapidly growing audience. Videos are engaging and effective, and clearly popular among consumers.


Advertisement Marketingpic-3
When posting advertisements make sure to use a “Facebook Mobile Template“ to create mobile friendly cover photos as well as advertisements. Also use the “20% text Facebook Ad Checker”  in order to take advantage of paying to boosts posts which cant include more than 20% text. The “mobile-only” ads are limited to Sponsored Stories, so when you have an important update on your Page, you can opt to pay for a Sponsored Story that will show up in your fans’ newsfeeds and networks on their mobile devices.


Test Everything!

Facebook’s mobile experience can be inconsistent, so make sure you test your apps and ads from a few different devices.